Do you need a wedding photographer?

It’s a quick discussion when you begin to do any research and planning on your magical Wedding. Before you know it, the expenses can begin to pile up, and your wedding might cost a few pennies. Low-budget weddings will look to minimize their expenses as much as possible, and many begin to wonder if they actually need their wedding photographers. So do you need one?

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Photography lies more in experience than an expensive camera

There’s quite a big misconception that expert and exceptional photography is based on the camera alone. To dispel this misconception, it’s important to note that professional photography is no joke. It requires year of training and experience to be able to understand how to shoot the perfect photography. Behind the scenes, photographers are choosing the appropriate settings to match the moment in all its beauty. It requires industry knowledge, skill and precision to be able to predict such photography. Professional photography requires years of experience, and it’s not something you’ll find in any amateur or beginners photography. For your wedding, make sure you have someone who is vetted and qualified for such an important day.

Only wedding photographers understand weddings

A beginner or amateur photographer will not know what to expect from a wedding. A wedding is a long day, with some lasting longer than 12 hours. It’s difficult to keep track of all the different events and situations occurring from the wedding alone. A professional will be able to capture all of it, they can predict all of the nervous moments, the humorous moments and the romantic moments. It’s hard to leave such an important task to an amateur, because chances are, they’re more than likely to miss all of these moments, let alone capture them in the best quality possible

Professional photographers understand lighting


Irrespective of where a wedding takes place, whether it’s in the bright sunlight across the Sydney Harbor, or inside a dark internal room, a photographer will be able to discover which spot is the best to take a shot from according to the angle and light that’s available. More often than not, professionals will be able to do this immediately. Amateur photography may not even be able to notice what a professional can do in seconds. If you’re going to have photography in a difficult location, it is highly recommended to hire a professional.

Professional equipment and assurance

Hiring a professional means having access to modern photographic equipment, where the photos will be captured in the highest quality possible. In addition, this means that your wedding will have access to back up equipment as well. It isn’t guaranteed that if an amateur photographer experiences a faulty memory card or battery, they might not have a spare one on hand. A professional on the other hand always will.

If your amateur photographer is also ill on the day, it isn’t guaranteed that they will have a replacement. A professional will have a network of people that they’re able to rely on in emergencies to take the photos at your wedding.