Do you need an engagement photo-shoot?

An engagement between couples is the treasured time between the marriage proposal and the magical day when the couple is finally wed. It is an important time to appreciate one another and begin preparations before the wedding takes place. However, there is no better time than now to celebrate your upcoming wedding than with engagement photos to share with your friends and family, and cherish them in the future.

Engagement photos serve as timeless memories that treasure your upcoming wedding, but more that, they are of large importance for future wedding photography and is very much recommended to our long-term clients. They allow the couple to get used to the camera which will be present during their wedding. This allows couples to show their natural self during the wedding day without hesitation or anxiety during the day. What they offer is genuine moments both during the engagement shoot and during the wedding.

A pre-wedding shoot also allows you to understand what to expect from our photographers before the wedding. You’ll be able to understand your style and preferences from the shoot. Perhaps a pose you’ve grown attached to, a background element you fancy or a lighting choice that just really struck you. All of these details will make your wedding photography significantly better as you’ll be able to decide what you enjoy much before it even takes place.

The advantage of an engagement shoot is that your wedding is a time for celebration that is shared with your family and friends. We don’t want to take you away from them the whole day during a time that is supposed to be shared together. This pre-wedding shoot means we will be able to take all of the perfect couple wedding shots of your own style.

Let us tell your story. We will work effortless with our devoted photographers to capture the style and expressions of the two of you. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the wedding with your friends and family, bringing attention to the upcoming magical day.


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Our photography

All of our photographers are professional and more than capable of engagement photography. Each and every of our photographers have a history of experience and reputation that can be expressed through their beautifully captured photos. They capture candid moments of natural love and passion to illuminate the importance of your engagement. From our list of available photographers, you will be able to choose the right one for you to express your unique style and story.

Our availability

If you are in need for engagement photography at short notice, AZ Wedding Photography will be able to provide with high quality and detailed photos that will exceed your expectations. Booking your engagement shoot and selecting a photographer is a quick process that won’t waste your time. You can choose a location and time of your own choosing if there is a special place that has peaked your interest, or you we can recommend you one of the many different places we have had photography shoots for previous clients and are our own personal favorites. Our photographers are very flexible on both time and location, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have an unconventional proposal for your wedding photography

Affordable pricing and service

The prices at AZ Wedding Photography are competitive and fixed. During your booking we will be able to provide you with an honest and up-front quote for the price of the engagement shoot. We also pride ourselves in our exceptional customer service that is very head-on with our clients. They will be able to incorporate and accommodate any needs you might have during the process, ensuring your engagement shoot proceeds without any issues.

After the photo shoot has taken place, we will provide you with the high definition photos from the engagement shoot in addition to hosting a private digital gallery with all the photos taken from the shoot. These photos are of free access and ready to order at your own discretion