Foolproof Flowers: Help To Choose Your Wedding Flowers

When most people think of weddings they think of the flowers; the bride’s flowers, the bridesmaids’ flowers, the grooms and groomsmen’s lapel flowers, flowers at the church, flowers at the reception, and more often than not, gorgeous outdoor settings for wedding photos that include, you guessed it, flowers!

The bridal bouquet is a main source of discussion and pictured in many photos. It is a focal point for the bride and is in her hand or not far from it for her entire wedding day.

This makes it clear that your choice of wedding flowers will be seen right throughout the day so it is important to take your time when choosing the theme of your wedding flowers.

Here are some tips to consider when deciding on your flowers for your wedding:

If you want real flowers…

Flowers are an individual choice, which the bride has many to choose from. Real flowers can be a really magical component of the day, as it is not often you get the chance to be surrounded by beautiful natural blooms like this.

With today’s florist industry, wedding planners can choose from the more traditional roses, carnations, orchids and lilies available along with more modern wedding flowers full of foliage or native florals.

If real flowers are the chosen option, you also need to take into consideration the time of the year you are getting married. This will play a huge part in the availability of real wedding flowers that can be obtained and used, and the variety that will be accessible for the wedding date.

Another factor to think about is the usual temperature of your chosen wedding day. If it is in a very hot time of the year you will need take into account if the flowers will wilt quickly or change colour.

Lastly you will need to ensure that you are able to source the colours, styles, designs and hire or have someone who can make your flowers into the bouquets and designs required. Often it is worthwhile contacting a florist to help provide you with a beautiful bouquet full of real wedding flowers.


If you want fake flowers…

Some brides prefer to use fake flowers for their wedding blooms. Fake wedding flowers can may be made from paper, silk, nylon stockings or even wool, the possibilities have become endless! There is now a very large range of fake wedding flowers available to use in bridal bouquets all varying in price and quality.

There are a few advantages to choosing fake flowers now that man-made material replicas are almost identical to their natural counterparts. Imitation wedding flowers allows the bride to keep the bridal bouquet as a display at home. Imitation wedding flowers are also much more forgiving if the temperature is warm. If the wedding day is extremely hot the flowers will not wilt or turn brown.


Organisation and timing…

As mentioned earlier, sourcing flowers can be the trickiest part of choosing your wedding flowers. Although the internet allows us to do research into what flowers are available at what time of year or what materials are available to create imitations flowers, it can be hard to find how to obtain these actual flowers or materials.

To solve this issue, you can engage a florist who has access to a very wide range of real flowers or someone who makes fake wedding bouquets professionally. If you would prefer to create the bridal bouquet or have a friend or family member make it just remember to give yourself plenty of time.

Lastly, if the flowers you want are not available at the time of year you are getting married, it is suggested that you use imitation flowers. Alternatively if you have imagined beautiful fresh flowers choose a colour scheme and talk to a florist about what flowers can be used to achieve it!

flowers for wedding

Give it time to bloom!

Whether the flowers are real or fake it is a personal decision, which takes planning and organisation to complete by the allocated wedding day. Some brides only have their bouquets, the bridesmaids’ bouquets and the groom and groomsmen’s lapels as the wedding flowers they have.

Other brides have their wedding parties’ flowers along with the flowers at the church and on the pews, at the reception area and as decoration on the bridal cars to organise. Flowers are such a large part of a wedding it is so important that flowers are thought-out to ensure your dream wedding flowers can come full bloom!