How to choose a wedding cake

The cake at your wedding is one of those signature decisions that you need to stick with once you make it, just like the wedding dress! Therefore its understandable people put a lot of thought behind the cake that they choose to go with.

However, not everyone knows exactly what kind of cake they want right off the top of their head. Even if you have an ideal image of what you want in your head, making that vision a reality requires a combination of planning, research and budgeting.

Let’s take a look at the top tips for how to choose a wedding cake!

Start planning early

For many people the wedding cake is an afterthought they don’t consider seriously until much further in the planning. This is a mistake unless you already have a really firm idea of what and who you’re going to go with.

If you’re keen on a cake with customised decorative elements or something really elaborate then naturally you will need to allow more time between order and delivery. Be aware that the best bakers will be in high-demand during peak wedding seasons of summer and spring, so don’t leave it to the last minute.

Look for ideas

Sometimes the theme of your wedding can inform the type of cake you go with, but this is not always the case. Sometimes the best place to look for inspiration is other wedding cakes from magazines and the internet.

Take a look at what the best bakers are showcasing in their storefronts and what is trending at other weddings. While it’s great to have your own entirely original creation, there’s no shame in borrowing ideas from other sources.

Consider the different styles of cake

There are thousands of different styles of cake out there from cheesecake to fruitcake and all of them are loved or hated by different people. While it’s unlikely you’ll please everyone at the wedding with your choice, it’s smart to consider the guests and what the majority will appreciate.

Traditional choices like tiered fruitcakes can look very regal but are also very sweet and overly formal in some instances. There are several quirky options that have become popular in recent years like a tower of cupcakes shaped like a larger cake or a cheesecake that’s literally made from block cheese.

Once you decide on the cake, make sure you have secured its safe transport. The more elaborate the cake the more chances of something going wrong during delivery!