How to find the best musical artists for your wedding

Nobody wants their wedding to be a total snooze fest and sourcing a band, singer or some other kind of musical talent is essential for most people’s weddings. This is an important choice as they will be the ones who need to keep your guests engaged and (hopefully!) having a great time.

There’s no quicker way to kill the atmosphere than to have a performer who is failing to connect with your guests. Remember, these are the people you are relying on get the festivities started and to keep them high energy throughout the day.

Let’s take a look at the top tips for finding the right musicians for your wedding!

Do you know what you’re looking for?

Depending on your personal tastes, the tastes of your guests and the overall vibe of your wedding you may want different kinds of performers. Perhaps you want some mellow lounge singing or perhaps you want a high energy dance band or even an electronic DJ.

Like with many other professions, some people with focus their talents on working at weddings exclusively while others will play at a variety of different kinds of gigs. Do some research into the performers you are considering for the job and see what their experience is.

Consider going through a booking agency

There are several entertainment booking agencies that you can contact to see about hiring one of their performers. They are specialists at matching a performer with a wedding based on the information you give them.

This is useful for the purposed of accountability and oversight as well as there are controls and policies in place for how the transaction will take place. This is preferable to hiring someone you saw play at a pub and relying on informal agreements and cash in hand payments.

If you want to cut down on possible hiccups during the wedding, using a professional booking agency is a smart idea.

Shop around

While you might have your heart set on one particular performer, can you justify their expenses in the budget? While there are certain times when you need to go with your gut, be careful about promising a lot of money on entertainment only to cheap out on other elements of the wedding.

Remember, a world class performer is only as good as the wedding you use them in, if the rest of the day isn’t up to snuff then the entertainment alone won’t be able to save it! Be wise with your budget and choose a performer that fits your criteria.