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Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life.
Joshua and Holly
Joshua and Holly is a young couple who were lucky enough to wed one another at their local Church and celebrate at a nearby restaurant. For this wedding, we had two of our professional photographers covering the wedding from very early the morning until late after the wedding reception as well.

The two had an elegant and successful wedding together as an exceptionally large amount of their friends and family had attended both the wedding ceremony and reception. Despite this, our photographers will still able to cover the entire wedding and more than satisfactorily provide Joshua and Holly with exactly the kind of treasured and precious memories they were expecting of us to capture.

Zhang Wei and Li Jing
Zhang Wei and Li Jing held a Chinese yet very modernly adapted wedding at the Church of their choosing. Their wedding laid host to grand colors of red and yellow, with the bridge in an elegant red dress. This was by far not the first time that our photographers had attended a Chinese, let alone Asian wedding, and as such they were more than capable of easily covering all of the wedding’s events.

Their wedding was very extravagant with a reception banquet that lasted well into the night to cater for the large amount of guests they had attending. This was no problem for our photographers who were more than happy to cover the wedding throughout the day and night.

Happie Stories
For their wedding, Richard and Anna had decided on a quiet and peaceful venue as they did not have many people attending their wedding, simply just their immediate friends and family to come celebrate the wedding. Due to the short wedding we only needed one photographer who expertly covered the event more than satisfactorily for the bride and groom.
Richard and Anna
Sai and Anika held a very traditional Indian wedding where a very large of their family and friends attended to celebrate. Although the nature and culture of the wedding was significantly different from the traditional Church wedding, they chose a lovely venue in the outdoors that our photographers easily covered.
Sai and Anika
George and Sophie had decided on a wedding outdoors, but unfortunately on the day the weather had rained for quite a bit of the ceremony. Despite the rain, our photographers were prepared and equipped for the situation, taking advantage of the weather to produce of some of the most spectacular and delightful wedding photos that George and Sophie absolutely loved.
George and Sophie
Although AZ Wedding Photographers is based in Sydney, Walter and Kerry reached out to us as they were having their wedding take place in rural New South Wales instead. Although the distance was exceptionally far, this was of no issue and we sent our professional photographers to cover their wedding. It was a delight to be able to photography in the countryside with naturally inspired images.
Walter and Kerry
Floyd and Marie held a Christian wedding at the Church that they regularly attended, with a reception at a nearby venue to celebrate. From the early morning, our photographers stayed close by with the bridge and groom from the start of the day until the very end of the reception. Both Floyd and Mary were exceptionally pleased with the images we captured.
Floyd and Marie
Dylan and Hannah both follow Jewish traditions and as such they held a traditional Jewish wedding to celebrate their love for one another. Our photographers were more than experienced for the occasion and were able to expertly cover moments such as the wedding contract and the breaking of the glass during the ceremony. Dylan and Hannah were very grateful for our efforts during the job.
Dylan and Hannah
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