A word about Arthur

Arthur Reed is a profession, award-winning wedding and family photographer based in Sydney. Originally raised in England, Arthur moved to Sydney and pursued his love for wedding photography. As such Arthur is a very culturally inclined person, having travelled across the world such as New York, Italy, Greece, German, France and other countries. Arthur has been professionally shooting weddings for more than 8 years and his photography shows it.

A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.

Arthur’s passion for photography lies in his desire to tell a narrative. Arthur can up to 10,000 photos during an entire wedding day, but is only satisfied if it’s a story worth telling. His inspiration comes from emotion, attempting to find the heartfelt during a wedding day whether its happiness, funny or just natural beauty. If there’s one thing Arthur wants it is that his story means something to those he shoots it for. He wants people to look back onto the work he produces and feel a connection, to be touched and moved.

Although he is professional, Arthur still recognizes he has a long way to go. He recognizes that he is still growing and developing as a photographer, always trying to shoot weddings and images that were better than his last. Arthur will go above and beyond to disocver and learn new techniques he can adapt and use.