A word about Chris:

Christ Prestidge is the founder of At Dusk Photography, specialising in wedding and lifestyle photography as part as both his work and his passion.

There’s a reason why Chris is recognised as an award-winning photographer within the industry, and that’s because he derives himself as only having one focus, and that is to carefully yet beautifully tell the stories of your weddings. Chris constantly reiterates just how important it is that photos are not simply just static images but something that transcends much more than it. His photography is supposed to communicate emotion and exhilarate the mind through the stories he captures and wishes to share, not only to you but the friends, family and even strangers who may stumble upon your memories. Wedding photography may be Chris’ profession, but he treats each client’s job as so much more, exploring motifs of nature, emotion and love.

A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.

Chris’ continuous motivation is to capture the authentic and genuine beauty in photography, and he does this through wedding photography. Whilst you experience the magic that is your wedding, Chris will be able to reliably cover all of the weddings’ different events all happening at once.

Throughout his career, Chris has attended and covered more weddings than he can count. At each wedding he has told a story that no one has forgotten.

If you’d like Chris to take care of your wedding photography, call him on: 0415 392 752.

Christ Prestidge