A word about Robert

Robert Lum is the owner of Studio RL and an artist in his photography, predominately working as a wedding photographer who has documented and experienced ceremonies of all different kinds of cultures and ethnicities. For each and every wedding, Robert has one goal, and that is to capture the raw emotion and authentic behavior displayed by the bridge, groom and their guests. His passion is his love for storytelling that also happens to be his greatest strength as it lends to ability to capture intimate and emotional photography that is able to connect to all those who view it.

In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.

Make no mistake, when Robert attends a wedding he insists on engaging with those present in both subtle and proactive ways to create indescribable images that cover the most minutest details yet capture the wedding itself. Robert has over 10 years of professional photography experience and is capable of covering any type or form of wedding that he is requested of. Robert is never able to pry himself from his passion from photography as it is natural to him, but when he has the time he pursues photography in other forms as well such as editorial and fashion shoots.

If you would enjoy having Robert cover your wedding, he would be more than happy to attend by contacting us now.