3 Tips On How To Save Smart On Your Wedding

Pick the right location

It’s a common misconception, but the best location for a wedding does not have to be the most expensive. You do not have to spend big on a fancy cruise or function hall to host your wedding, but instead you can choose public areas outdoors which are the same beauty through its natural extravagance. You may choose a favorite park during a beautiful season, or perhaps choose the botanical gardens for its spectacular flowers. This will eliminate the extremely expensive cost of renting for your wedding, whilst simultaneously providing you with an excellent location that has a large amount of space to host for your guests.

However if you do choose an outdoor location, just made sure you spend the extra money on a contingency. For example for a hot day you might want some shade, and for a rainy day, you will definitely need some cover. It is an inexpensive cost compared to hosting a large hall instead.


wedding location


Keep the guest list relative

Perhaps some of the largest expenses of any weddings will come from the guest list. We get it, it is appealing to have a guest list that is endless, so that everyone can come and celebrate your wedding. But do you really need more people than you even know? Keep your guest list relative to the people you know close, your friends and family and those you know who will genuinely celebrate your wedding for what it is. Not only will this keep your wedding more intimate and romantic with those you care about, but it will shave the expenses of a wedding. By keeping the guest list smaller, it will also mean less people to cover for your wedding photographer, meaning you will have to spend less and you will get more quality images.

Instead of receiving wedding gifts, ask for some wedding help instead

Rather than the expected wedding gift that everyone brings to a wedding, why not reach out to those you have invited and ask them to help in some way for the wedding rather than purchasing a wedding gift that may or may not be useful, and will definitely not wither down those wedding expenses. For example, you may ask a caterer you know and ask to purchase food for the reception directly, or you may ask a wedding photographer who is a friend to photograph the wedding for you as your wedding gift. There a number of ways you can ask your friends to contribute that will cost neither of you a dime.